A Complete Range of Veterinary Services

we provide a broad range of services from general domestic treatments and surgical procedures through to advanced orthopaedic and reproductive services.
Our focus is on small animals but we're happy to work with equine matters and can refer all other work to our partners based here in Port Macquarie and beyond.

A Complete Range of Veterinary Services for Small and Large Animals

While we place a focus on small animal treatments, procedures and services, our 4 vets cover a broad range of technical expertise and skill.

As a result, we are able to deliver advanced orthopaedic surgery, general equine care, canine reproductive services and a complete range of small animal services, including;

  • blood tests & pathology
  • chemotherapy
  • ophthalmology
  • dental work
  • vaccinations
  • desexing
  • soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery
  • Canon DR digital radiography
  • ultrasonography
  • video endoscopy
  • ECGs
  • skin treatments
  • arthritis treatments
  • parasitic prevention, advice and treatments
  • sedated grooming

A Complete Range of Veterinary Services for Small and Large Animals Port Macquarie Veterinary Hospital Port Macquarie Veterinary Hospital

Equine Care

Dr Chris Livingston and Dr Samantha Tooby can assist you with all your equine veterinary needs. Some of the services we routinely provide include
  • equine outcalls
  • Powerfloat dentistry
  • Canon Dr. digital radiography
  • ultrasonography
  • endoscopy
  • drenching
  • pregnancy testing
  • lameness
  • vaccinations
  • pre-purchase examinations
Surgeries performed include geldings (including retained testicles), umbilical hernia repairs, and correction of angular limb deformities in foals.
We also have an equine facility at the rear of the clinic, for those clients who prefer to bring their horses to us.

Equine Care

Reproductive Services

Our Sires on Ice facility is a complete canine stud management system.

We have an in-house laboratory combining all the logistical needs of fresh and frozen semen. This includes Collections, Freezing, and Storage, as well as Artificial Insemination (both surgical and non-surgical). 
The system allows breeder’s to access semen from stud dogs all around the world and provides a complete system to manage frozen canine semen for the present and the future.
Furthermore, we have in-house progesterone testing for the timing of mating/insemination, with a turnaround time of around 90 minutes.

Reproductive Services

Advanced Orthopaedic Surgery

Port Macquarie Veterinary Hospital is one of the only veterinary practices in the region to deliver advanced orthopaedic veterinary surgery.

Orthopaedic Surgery involves the correction of injuries and disease of bones and joints, such as fractures and torn ligaments.

Dr Chris Livingston BVSc (Hons), DVCS, MANZCVS (Small Animal Surgery) has a special interest in fracture repair and cruciate ligament disease in dogs.  From TTAs for cruciate repairs to difficult fracture repairs, thoracotomy procedures and ocular surgeries

Dr Chris is a member of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists in Small Animal Surgery.

Dr Chris is happy to provide you with quality surgical services right here in Port Macquarie so you don't need to be referred to Sydney or Brisbane for specialist treatment of your pet's injuries.

Advanced Orthopaedic Surgery