Get Your Puppy Trained Right, From The Start

Our friendly trainers will help you and your new bundle of fluff get off on the right foot by working together in a group setting which will aid with socialisation, general training and practice with handling your new family member.

Puppy School is an integral platform for your puppy's socialisation and learning.

The classes (of around eight puppies at a time) run for four consecutive Monday or Thursday nights from 6:15 - 7:15 pm. 

To find out when our next Puppy School course commences, please contact us.
From an early age, socialisation, play and training are critical to forming a stable background for your puppy.

Training helps prevent behaviour problems and increases the likelihood that your puppy will become a great pet and life-long friend.
Our puppy school classes are taught by our experienced veterinary nurse trainer, Katie Van Dyck.
A bit more about what happens during our puppy school courses...
The puppies will have supervised playtime where they will learn to interact with each other and with people of all ages. We will assist you with training such as come, sit, stay, drop and heel so that you get the skills to integrate these into your puppy's daily life. 
Many tips and tricks are shared along with discussions on important topics such as desexing, grooming and parasite control. The more we learn, the more we can teach our puppies. Their experiences will then be rich and rewarding. 
The result will be a happy, healthy and well-trained adult dog that will become a very highly valued member of your family right from the start.

Puppy School is an integral platform for your puppy's socialisation and learning.

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