About Port Macquarie Veterinary Hospital

Our Facilities and Technology

We have a strong focus on working with the latest available technologies and skills here at Port Macquarie Veterinary Hospital.
Our team continually develop their skill sets across the board from educating themselves in the most advanced surgical procedures and treatments to constant improvements in our work methods, processes and customer service.
We now employ 4 full-time veterinary surgeons with a broad and in-depth range of disciplines and skills that allows us to deliver on our goal of providing the best possible experience for your animals and you.
Of course, beyond ensuring we have an A-grade team, we need to ensure we provide our team with the best possible tools and technology available.  To that end, we have invested (and continue to invest) in the latest and greatest medical technologies.
We are one of only a handful of practices to utilise TruDr. Digital Radiography™ which allows us to more rapidly diagnose problems and affect treatment more rapidly than ever before. In addition to our onsite radiography capabilities, we provide video endoscopy, ECGs and ultrasonography at the practice.
New discoveries and developments are happening all the time in our industry and we work closely with many different drug and equipment companies to ensure that the products and medications we use are the best available.  

Our Facilities and Technology Port Macquarie Veterinary Hospital Port Macquarie Veterinary Hospital

Our Background and Approach

Port Macquarie Veterinary Hospital has provided veterinary care to the region continuously since 1971!
That's a LOT of years and thousands of animals helped, cuddled, birthed and even created! 
Day after day, year after year, we commit to delivering THE BEST care for all of the animals that pass through our doors. We do this with a genuine sense of duty and care to everyone we come into contact with, furry or otherwise.
Port Macquarie Veterinary Hospital is currently a partnership run by Dr Chris Livingston, Dr Tim Reed and Paula Reed.
In addition to the partners who work in and on the business, we are blessed to consider our doctors and nurses the best in the business...
Without our wonderful staff, we really cease to be a practice at all, so it is our people who really make the business work. Everyone here turns up to work because they get to do the work they all love.
Our belief is that our commitment and dedication translates into a wonderful experience for you and, most importantly, your animals.
So, please meet our wonderful team...

Our Background and Approach

Please Meet Our Wonderful Team

We hope you'll trust us when we say we go to great lengths to ensure that we hire, retain and develop an amazing team here at Port Macquarie Veterinary Hospital.
Cliched as it may sound, we all work from a place of deep-seated passion for what we do and feel this shows in our approach, attitude and professionalism.

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